I actually wanted an "Irish Wolfhound". I had a premonition of one. At least I thought it was a Wolfhound.
A large grey dog slept outstretched in front of my bed.
When I awoke from my dream it still seemed so real, that when I got up I watched out for the dog in front of my bed! I didn’t want to disturb it.

Luckily, I told my friend about my vision and how I had seen a large grey dog in front of my bed. She can now vouch for my story of how I had seen a large grey dog.  This eventually became reality. Everyone else would question whether I really had a premonition of this grey dog or if I’was trying to be amusing.

Six weeks later my Hovawart bitch suddenly died and shortly afterwards I unexpectedly met Lugh, my first Deerhound (2008) when he was six months old.
When I looked into his eyes, I knew it must have been a Scottish Deerhound I had dreamt about and not an Irish Wolfhound!
About two years later (2010) Llyr his half-brother moved in with us. I learned that a Deerhound can be very lonely if kept without a playmate and Lugh was full of joy, showed compassion and care when Llyr joined our pack.
In the years that followed, I learned a lot about Deerhounds. Above all I studied the peculiarities that distinguishes this breed from any other, specifically about their character as well as health issues.
I wanted to know all there is about Deerhounds, what they need for a healthy and happy life, feeding and every other aspect for their well being.
I trained myself to fully understand the breed standard deviations and flaws, to judge the beautiful movement and the different coat texture, eye colors, ears, paws, substance and all the things Deerhound related. I still have unanswered questions, but I know now to whom I can turn for answers.
You always have questions and should never stop learning.

At this time I’d like to thank the experienced and forthcoming Deerhound breeders I have met along the way for their support and help, this is virtually implied when one joins the worldwide Deerhound family.

In 2012 I traveled to Australia and met my dear friend Glenda Danger (Kennel Bhealaich) and many other Australian Deerhound breeders.  Izzie, a 4-month-old Bhealaich Deerhound bitch, accompanied me back to Germany. Our pack now consists of three lovely Deerhounds.

2013 my Kennel "Randaliyn´s" Scottish Deerhounds received its official recognition from FCI, VDH and DWZRV.

The name "Randaliyn’s" is derived from the Icelandic Language, which is a woman's name: Randalin and translates into: The one in the floral/striped dress. My second passion is Icelandic horses (I own two: Lìf, 7 years and Funi, 29 years old), they are a very old breed like the Deerhounds as well.

If you have experienced Scottish Deerhounds and Iceland horses together, you realize that these two "old souls" recognize each other.

A visit at Randaliyn’s Deerhounds is always welcome after a telephone appointment has been set.
Please excuse the ongoing construction of this web page since not all features are working yet, but it will be completed soon.

Ines Rohm


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